Thursday, March 24, 2011


Thought for the day: ya know how you get those gifts from people who dont really know you at all? they get this bogus gift for you that you are trying really hard to like but its just not YOU? Today I'm just SO HAPPY to know that God knows me so well that he gives me the most amazing gifts. I cause sit in a store and stare at a few items and have NO CLUE which one i want, I obviously know myself pretty well but i'm indecisive or else I buy something and return it when its just not what i was really looking for... but Gods gifts I would NEVER return or trade in. his gifts are valuable and it is because he LOVES me and Knows my needs. God is so Great! Just think about the things that please you. the sunset, the sound of rain, color, scents, a spring morning with birds chirping... so many things that God has given to us as gifts because he loves us and he knows what pleases us. I came to this thought as I lay there staring at my daughter who put her arm around me and kissed my forehead. she is not even two yet and she is an amazing gift from God. She is my little princess and I would give her anything her heart desired <unless it was going to hurt her> this is the part where we need to realize that God will give us anything our heart wants... he loves us and wants us to be happy just like i want my children to be happy. My daughter would eat candy until she passed out and then wake up and want more... but I know as her Mommy that candy is not good for her and that she needs to eat healthy food and candy is in moderation. God knows that a lot of things we desire are junk and he instead hands us this huge plate of broccoli. we learn to choke it down and it is a blessing behind a mask. but there are those gifts that you just cling to. those gifts you hold onto so tightly because you never want to lose the happieness it brings to you. God is so Marvelous and if you just give him your desires and let him choose what gifts he wants for you (instead of pushing away the broccoli and grabbing the chocolates) you will be truely and completely satisfied. I PROMISE!

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