Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Childs Eyes

It is a completely different perspective when you are perceived by adults and veiwed by children. adults look at the bigger picture, i think. when i look at another adult i see first, the clothes and the hair. it is completely materialistic. then i notice the way they carry themselves and how they speak. that is when i make my judgement. are they screaming? crying? are they egotistical or trying to tuck away into the crowd? But my Children, they do not see like I do. they get a different vibe from people completely made up of feelings. how do they feel when they are approached by someone. they are the best judges of character because they do not know the difference in looks yet. I wish that i could see people the way that my children do. i wish i could close my eyes and open my heart to feel the good and the bad. So my main point of this blog is to veiw myself. what do my children see every day when they look at me? if i walked you through my day you would see a variety of attitudes and not all of them pretty. first thin in the morning i roll out of bed and make some food. i usually get my kids dressed before i dress myself. i let them watch tv while i get ready. i let my dogs outside and fill up the food bowls for them. i try to clean up some messes that are made and cannot be avoided. i yell. i laugh. i get vacant. but what do my kids see? they notice when i forget to say please or thank you. they notice how much time i spend doing my make up instead of playing silly games with them. they notice when i dont play by the rules and they notice how i treat others. they hear every word i say throughout the day. so my thought of the day for myself would be that i need to be aware of who i am. because THAT is what i am teaching my children to be. my kids could care less what i tell them but they will repeat every action they see come from me, their mother, their role model.

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  1. Agreed! Excellent post my friend. And we have to take care in what we say as well because they are sure to repeat it.