Thursday, January 13, 2011


i was just talking with a dear friend about "passion".
     Passion is something that do not find in very many people, to be honest. i know everyone has passions, but to be passionate is deeper than admiring something. maybe i am talking more about finding people who LIVE PASSIONATELY, who TALK PASSIONATELY. Intense people. i love surrounding myself with passionate people. i love watching peoples eyes widen as they speak and i love listening to someones voice louden and pick up pace as they lean inward with such excitement. you feel everything that person feels, you connect. how often do you actually get to connect to another person in your life? it does not happen every day. how often do we get to have a conversation with somenone that goes deeper into your soul and keeps you contemplating about everything you think and feel and believe? how often do you meet someone who has a heart that conquors even themselves. real heart. real desire. real passion? when i meet people with whom i connect to easily, with those that i find keep me questioning myself and inspiring me, i hold on to them dearly because i know how truely amazing a friendship like that is. So i would like to thank those few people who inspire me daily. i am blessed to have found you. after all, is it CONNECTION that we all strive to have? and Passionate people are the kinds of people i LOVE connecting with.

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